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Music and dance are essential to the human condition, as much as the need to socialise or to organise our space. In this workshop a safe space will be created for meeting, listening and making beats. With a bi-weekly regularity, throughout six weeks, interacting with another workshop of this programme and with a presentation scheduled for Festival Iminente Lisboa.


Pedro Coquenão, born in Huambo and raised on the outskirts of Lisbon, is known under the name Batida. Artist and composer, he has been working with radio, music and dance, as well as visual arts. In London, during one of his rare DJ sets, he became the first Portuguese and Angolan artist to mix for a Boiler Room session. He played 5, between London, Paris and Lisbon. Almost all of them with a microphone. His music and remixes are distributed by labels such as Soundway, Crammed, Fabric, BBE, Beating Heart, On The Corner Records or Lusafrica.

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