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Iminente is a platform for intervention through urban culture. It provides experiences that promote the relationship between cities, their inhabitants, and creative production, bringing together a diversity of artistic areas, including music, contemporary art, dance, performing arts, architecture, design, fashion, cinema, spoken word, and gastronomy.

Highlighting established and emerging subcultures, Iminente's programmes contribute towards the visibility and development of local communities and artists, with a focus on diversity, integration, and artistic education.

Part of the collective Cultural Affairs.

Festivals | Concerts | Events | Exhibitions | Art Installations | Urban Interventions | Performances | Workshops | Community Workshops

Alongside its own projects, Iminente develops unique and exclusive programmes for the partners and clients who are aligned with our values and mission, leveraging synergies and promoting visibility for their brands

Over the years, various partners have worked with us in different projects and initiatives.

For more information about collaborations and partnerships, please contact: [email protected]

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